Rebecca Meehan PT WCS PYT is available for in-person visits or for Telehealth visits. I try to accomodate your schedule needs for appointments. If you do not see a time available that meets your needs, please contact me for evening appointments as well as Saturdays (typically 1-2 times/month).

If you have questions about services and if Embody Physiotherapy is the right place for you, please schedule a Free Discovery Consultation to have your questions answered.

Insurances Rebecca is IN Network for Medicare and for some other insurances. Please contact us to learn more!

Physical Therapy

We are PTs with specialist training, knowledge, and experience to solve your pain, spine and joint problems, and pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence. We utilize hands on treatment including visceral and fasical mobilization, joint and spine manual techniques, exercise, biofeedback, and education and re-training to help you meet your goals for your best health, wellness, and function.

Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Children have pelvic floor problems too, including bedwetting, daytime leakage, encopresis, and pain. Because children are not "mini-adults", treatment techniques and education are modified to help them, along with mom and dad, meet their goals. Rebecca has done specialized training in working with kids (including teens and young adults), and works with this population at Embody/

Client Consultations

Although working in person is ideal, there are times when distance and schedules prevent that. The Therapists at Embody offer distance consultations to provide education and to help you begin to meet your goals and address your needs. We will also work with you and your PT if more specialized guidance is indicated.

Rebecca Meehan PT believes in finding solutions that bridge the gap between rehabilitation and movement for her clients, looking at the entire person, and not treating them as a body part or diagnosis. After two decades of practicing in orthopedic physical therapy with a focus on sports medicine and acute care, Rebecca continued her professinal development and skills by studying pelvic health and fitness. Rebecca’s passion for holistic wellness, prevention, and integrative health led her to obtain her certification in Medical Therapeutic Yoga and into training in Bones for Life and the Franklin Method. It was also this belief in treating the entire individual that led her to co-found Embody Physiotherapy & Wellness. She obtained her yoga certification through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and has since taught other healthcare providers through that program. Rebecca is a participant with the Birthworkers of Western PA, the American Physical Therapy Association, the APTA Section on Women’s Health, and the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association. She holds a degree from the Medical College of Virginia, VCU. When not working with clients, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, bicycling, and cooking and gardening.

Rebecca Meehan PT believes in finding solutions that bridge the gap between rehabilitation and mo... Read More

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